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November 22, 2014
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Union Made Clothing

Union Shop Apparel prides itself on only selling American and Canadian made apparel.  All of our employees are proud union members of Local 820 IUPAT.  Union Shop Apparel is one of the only organizations within the United States that meets the criteria for using the IAFF Logo as determined by the Delegates at the 50th IAFF Convention.



Worker's Comp Attorney

Law Offices of Shawn J. Sullivan

The Law Offices of Shawn J. Sullivan is a full service, general practice law firm meeting the needs of clients and friends for over 20 years. We are located in Concord, New Hampshire and practice in all state and federal courts in NH, ME, and MA.

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99 Restaurant Hosts Fundraiser
Portsmouth Fire Fighters Charitable Association
Aurora Fire Fighters
President Melhorn with Channel 9 News in regards to US Navy Findings on the Miami fire
IAFF F-123
Local 42 - Louie Wright Fundraiser
Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters
Save the Date for the 2015 Legislative Conference
Professional Firefighters of Maine
Addison Rescues Victim
IAFF Local 4727
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  PFFNH Responds to Gov. Romney's Endorsement of Scott Brown
  PFFNH Proudly Endorses Senator Shaheen
  Claremont Firefighters Recovering
  NHRSC SB 364 Release
  Communities getting $33.2M in LGC refunds
  PFFNH Press Release SB 152
  IAFF: Frequently Asked Questions About the Sequester
  President Lang recieves NE first Amendment Center Award
  Earn Your Degree Online Through Kaplan University
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  Gov. Lynch veto message
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  IAFF Freeze FirePAC Contributions
  NH Fisher Cats for Sarah
  Portsmouth Herald Editorial Slams LGC
  Alderman: Pension reform effort could push rush to retirement for some
  Concord Monitor 4.18.2011
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  Union Leader
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  Letter to LGC from NE Carpenters Labor Management
  2011 CHaD Battle of the Badges
  Concord Monitor 10/26/2010
  Article 10.25.10
  Press Release 10.25.2010
  Care Enough to Wear Pink
  Sarah's Ride
  PFFNH Files Suit Against LGC May 24, 2010
  April 29, 2010 Legislation could mean $100 million windfall for cities, towns and schools
  April 29, 2010 Legislation could mean $100 million windfall for cities, towns, and schools
  Can you help a Sister out?
  Legislative Update
  Get the Facts on Health Care Reform
  Firefighters win Battle of Badges again!
  Governor Lynch signs Firefighter Bill
  Pension Contribution Increase Rejected
  PFFNH sues Local GOvernment Center over Health Costs
  PFFNH and NH Fire Chiefs joint statement
  N.H. Retirement System keeps its promises
  Union Leader Editorial on PFFNH vs NHLGC
  PFFNH wins unanimously in NH Supreme Court Again!
  PFFNH helps out SEA
  Judge: Insurer must open books to regulators
  NHPR Investigates LGC
  Retirees need to sign on for Class Action suit
  Local Government Center under State Investigation
  PFFNH & Retirement Coalition file suit!
  A Tribute To Ted Kennedy
  Retired State Employees Sue over pension deductions
  Attorney General updates 91-A
  NHRS wins injunction!
  IAFF disputes Fox News Report
  H1N1 INFLUENZA Resources
  Proposed Concord tax cap unconstitutional
  Fire Service Leaders condemn the impersonation of fire fighters
  Unions are good for NH's economy
  New Study finds 3,000 jobs $454 million in economic impact from NH public Pensions
  PFFNH v LGC "Motin by the LGC to reconsider Denied"
  Furloughs for public employees? Read this opinion
  PFFNH adds Locals
  PFFNH adds Locals
  Union closer to facts behind health-care cash
  Franklin firefighters latest to unionize
  Employee contracts eyed for tax relief, translation : attack the public employees
  Town Meeting Season
  Public Employee Pensions are Not the Problem
  Firefighters endorse Lou D’Allesandro
  HB 1436 Evergreen Bill signed into law!
  Professional Fire Fighters of NH endorse Shaheen for Senate!
  Lawsuit Press Release
  PFFNH Goes to Court against Retirement System
  The New Hampshire Retirement Security Coalition Unified on HB1645
  HB876 Commission
  PFFNH on most influential players list by Boston Globe
  Press Release - Supreme Court LGC Decision
  NHRSC: Superior Court Judge Rules State Workers are Contractually Protected at Time of Permanent Employment
  "Double-dipping" a common and costly practice
  PFFNH Fights Back for Taxpayers, Employees and Retirees on Health Care
  2nd Annual 9-11 Stair Climb
  Newington Local 4104 Fundraiser
  PFFNH Announces An Exciting New Program
  IAFF Motorcycle Group
  Southeast NH L-4718 member Lt. Scott McLellan
  News 5.23.2011
  State taking aim at working people
  IAFF Fireground Survival
  Shaheen, Ayotte Praise Firefighters Heroism for Fighting USS Miami Fire
  Retirement Party of Laconia L-1153 Captain Bill Drew
  President Lang's testimony
  Press from Rally
  Rally for NH
  Insurance pool should return excess surplus
  Public Workers Face Outrage as Budget Crises Grow
  Union Leader 11/18/2010
  Sarah's Ride
  IAFF Tornado Disaster Relief
  President Lang Receives First Amendment Award
  President Lang on NH Today
  President Lang on Air
  NHPA 2012 Convention
  On Air
  President Lang on WGIR
  NHRSC Press Conference 6.29.2011
  News 5.19.2011
  News 5.18.2011
  Portsmouth firefighter honored as Mom
  Wisconsin on Steriods
  LGC "banked twice the amount of necessary reserve funds" according to state report
  Fosters 11/18/2010
  Press Release Oct. 5th, 2010
  PFFNH Members Campaigning
  WMUR: Stephen, Lynch Hit Campaign Trail
  Be the Match
  Bedford L-3639 Golf Tournament
  NH House of Reps. Votes Down "Right to Work" Bill
  President Lang on Revolution Boston
  L-4659 Seminar
  UPDATED : Pigs at the Union Trough
  Seacoast Online 5.16.11
  Thank you!
  Fosters 1/5/11
  Insurance pool owes money back to towns
  Update on the 111th Congress
  Return to Work Policies make headlines
  LGC Picket 11/17/2010
  John Stephens defends support for pardoning an arsonist
  Gov. Lynch kicks off his campaign with the PFFNH
  Berlin Event for Ann McLane Kuster
  Struggling Cities Shut Firehouses in Budget Crisis
  IAFF Press Release
  N. Hampton workers blast LGC 11/16/2010
  MDA: All Fire Up
  Better Path for Pension Systems
  Gliford L-3517 Golf Tournament
  National Pension Experts
  Court shoots down Manchester tax cap 11.11.2010
  Wolfeboro Local 3708 stop illegal action by Town!
  NHRS Offers Online Account Information
  Firefighters expose shadowy LGC practices 11.10.2010
  IAFF Article NH Fire Fighters Surprise Sick Fire Fighter With Special Gift
  Public Union Rights Threatened by "disgraceful" house vote
  Portsmouth employees gather to protest LGC's handling of insurance funds11.4.2010
  Amendment: at-will when contracts die
  Unions protest, city demands $282K insurance refund 11.4.2010
  State's report on LGC insurance pool details 'serious issues' 10.29.2010
  In Support of L-0789 Dispatcher Jenn Cahill
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  March 24, 2010 House Tables HB 1664
  March 25, 2010 Certification reform signed
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  SB 3 passed in the Senate 19-5 along party lines
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  April 19, 2011
  April 20, 2011
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  June 15 SB 3 Vetoed
  Sustain Gov.'s Veto & RTW Next Wed.
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  2010 PAC Appeal 7.9.2010
  PFFNH PAC Fund Update 7.19.2010
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  Not so fast Jonny!
  Rebuilding PAC 9.30.11
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  New Hampshire Public Retirement Coalition talking points
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  March 18 vote
  NHRS Objection Letter of HB 1645
  Legal Opinon on the Medical Subsidy
  Letter to Senators
  Medical Subsidy Cost-1 Person
  Medical Subsidy Cost-2 People
  Today PFFNH joins 6 Associations Asking Court to Order NHRS to Continune Medical Subsidy
  NHRS Update May 1 2008
  June 3 HB 1645 update
  Key Retirement Legislation from 2007 & 08 sessions
  March 4 2009
  NH Retirememt Security Coalition NHRS Presentation to Legislators
  NHRS Launches GASB Reporting Resources Web Page
  Retirement System Offers ‘NHRS 101’ Online Presentation
  NHRS Spring 2013 Newsletter
  Retirement System Launches ‘NHRS … Now You Know’
  NHRS Summer Newsletter 2013
  Gainful Occupation Reporting for Group II Accidental Disability Annuitants
  2013 New Hampshire Retirement System Legislative Roundup
  ICE MIller report on post employment health benefit funding
  Gabriel Roder Smith on Account Consolidation
  Report on impact
  Gabriel Roeder Smith Actuarial Evaluation of System (Draft)
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