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  • January 31, 2015
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    Peer Fitness Instructors Program
    Professional Firefighters of Maine
    Passing of Retired L1426 Brother Tim Oldroyd
    IAFF Local 1426
    Haagen Dazs/ MDA fundraiser
    Burbank Firefighters Local #778
    Cell Tower Bulletin to homes
    IAFF Local 1014
    Mickey Ward helping out
    Quincy Fire Fighters Association
    2015 Local 1826 MDA Boot Drive-March 20, 21, & 22, 2015
    IAFF 1826
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    Peer Fitness Instructors Program
    01/30/15 - Professional Firefighters of Maine
    Announcement: South Portland Fire Department, IAFF L 1476 will be hosting a Peer Fitness Trainer Course June 8-12, 2015 at SMCC. Description of the Peer Fitness Trainer course can be found here: Tuition for the class is $800 per student. In addition to tuition cost, Whole Foods will cater lunch for $60 per student for the week.
    Passing of Retired L1426 Brother Tim Oldroyd
    01/30/15 - IAFF Local 1426
    Haagen Dazs/ MDA fundraiser
    01/30/15 - Burbank Firefighters Local #778
    Cell Tower Bulletin to homes
    01/30/15 - IAFF Local 1014
    Here’s a direct link to the petition, sign it NOW!: http://bit.
    Mickey Ward helping out
    01/30/15 - Quincy Fire Fighters Association
    You never know who you are going to run into while out shoveling hydrants.  The crew of Quincy Fire Engine 5 was out shoveling hydrants in West Quincy, when they came upon someone doing thier part to help them out.  This someone was boxer Mickey Ward.
    2015 Local 1826 MDA Boot Drive-March 20, 21, & 22, 2015
    01/30/15 - IAFF 1826
    To all Local 1826 Members, The 2015 Local 1826 MDA Boot Drive has been scheduled for March 20, 21, and 22nd, 2015. Our 2014 Drive led the State of Florida, we are the defending Champions!
    Asst. Chief Dale Retires
    01/30/15 - Olympia Fire Fighters
    Denver Fire Fighters Burn Foundation Payday Raffle
    01/30/15 - Denver Firefighters Local 858
    Hello All, A message from the Denver Fire Fighters Burn Foundation: The $1,000 winner for the payday raffle is John Herring, Engine 28 A-Shift, congratulations to John ! Thanks for you continued support.  DON'T MISS FIRE CHIEF ALE.
    MSCFF/KC Customs Pick-Up Giveaway
    01/29/15 - Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters
    The Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters would like to thank James Carr of KC Customs for their fundraising efforts and making the Jacked Up Giveaways 2014 Chevy Silverado Pick-Up Truck a success.
    Special Membership Meeting
    01/29/15 - IAFF Local F-102
    All Hands, In accordance with the Local's Constitutuion & By-Laws I have called for a "Special Membership Meeting" to be conducted on 06 Feb 15 at Crash Station 62. The meeting will commence at 0630. I have posted the agenda on the Union website calendar. If you have any questions/concerns, please contact a Union Rep.
    Hook & Ladder Decision
    01/29/15 - Green Bay Area Fire Fighters
    Hello to our great Green Bay Metro community, As you may have read in the Green Bay Press Gazette, or seen news coverage of our ruling regarding the Hook & Ladder program, the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission has delivered a ruling in favor of the City of Green Bay. I think providing some information into what that means is appropriate and I will try to keep it short.
    Snow Emergency
    01/29/15 - IAFF Local 902
    Update on Snow Emergency
    Chili and Chowder Cook-Off
    01/29/15 - IAFF Local 772
    The third annual Chili and Chowder Cook-Off to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Maine will be held on March 21st, 2015 at Season's Restaurant from 6pm-8pm.  "A" crew is working.  We will need members helping out that night.  If you are interested in helping please notify Andrew Emery, Andy Willigar or Casey Perry at the Bangor Fire Department.
    01/29/15 - IAFF Local 772
    Congratulations to Firefighter Jeff Hodge on your retirement. Jeff was hired in June 1988. He has been driving Engine #6 on D-Crew for the past few years. Stay safe and enjoy your retirement brother.
    NLRFD Promotes 3 Officers
    01/29/15 - IAFF Local 35
    01/28/15 - IAFF Local 1014
    Please Help IAFF Members Son
    01/28/15 - IAFF Local 2647
    Blizzard of 2015
    01/28/15 - New London Fire Fighters
                Members responded to numeorus calls during the recent blizzard. Some of the unplowed streets were a challenge for both out personnel and equipment. Through the EOC, a coordinated response with public works and the fire department helped manage the situation. Companies responded to 40 calls during the storm.
    Safety Stand Down for Cancer and PTSD
    01/28/15 - IAFF Local 1014
    Safety Stand Down for Cancer and PTSD Live Webcast ~ Wednesday, January 28 What: Live Webcast Date: Wednesday, January 28 Time: Begins at 8:00 a.m. PT/11:00 a.m. ET Web Link: www.iaff.
    Lake Firefighters Kept Busy With Two Working House Fires
    01/28/15 - IAFF Local 3990
    Astatula, FL - Lake County Firefighters battled two house fires on Wednesday. The first house fire was reported around 9:46 in the morning on Orange Blossom Street in Astatula. Firefighters from station 77 in Astatula, as well as Lake Jem, Bassville Park, and Ferndale quickly responded and arrived within minutes to find fire and heavy smoke rolling out from underneath the doublewide mobile home.
    The Dropkick Murphys ‘Literally Hate’ Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
    01/28/15 - Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts
    The Governor used a Dropkick song during an event, which didn't sit well with the band. A Facebook fan wants to know: why is a “union-busting” politician from Wisconsin using the music of a working-class-loving punk band from Boston to greet his supporters during a nationally televised event? The Dropkick Murphys—and their loyal following—aren’t too sure, but they want it to stop. Immediately. Walker is known as the Republican governor who introduced legislation in 2011, called Act 10, that essentially stripped public unions of their collective bargaining rights. The Dropkick Murphys didn’t like that, as made clear when they blasted Fitzgerald back in 2012, a year after the legislation was passed. “We stand beside our Union and Labor brothers and sisters and their families in Wisconsin and all over the U.S.,” they wrote at the time. After all, they did support Mayor Marty Walsh (D-BOSTON), a “union guy.” By Steve Annear | Boston Daily | January 26, 2015 1:36 p.m.
    Purple and Pearls for Kristi
    01/27/15 - San Luis Obispo City Firefighters Local 3523
    Help Support Kristi's Battle! Come enjoy good times with the Logans and show your support.
    Welcome BBQ
    01/27/15 - San Luis Obispo City Firefighters Local 3523
    A big thank you goes out to Chris Gatton and all those who helped with another great Bar-B-Que welcoming the newest members of our fire family! It was a beautiful January day spent with our friends and family.  .
    Firefighters rescue 2 people from roof of burning house in Saginaw
    01/27/15 - Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union
    SAGINAW, MI — The first firefighter to arrive at a burning house in Saginaw discovered two people on the roof over the front porch, yelling for help.
    Firefighters learn basics of ice rescue to help train comrades
    01/27/15 - Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union
    In the frigid water, the man acted to be in distress as veteran Frenchtown Township Firefighter Rich Knoles worked quickly to help him get back up onto the ice.
    Firefighter/paramedic named department’s Firefighter of the Year
    01/27/15 - Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union
    Good firefighters are not hard to find in Brownstown Township. In fact, thanks in part to the reinstatement of the Firefighter of the Year award, they often stand out.
    Fire Fighter Behavioral Health
    01/26/15 - Aurora Fire Fighters
    Firefighters rescue 2 people from roof of burning house in Saginaw
    01/26/15 - IAFF Local 102
    SAGINAW, MI — The first firefighter to arrive at a burning house in Saginaw discovered two people on the roof over the front porch, yelling for help. Leaning a ladder from the roof to the ground provided the two occupants a safe escape shortly after the 8:15 a.m. Monday, Jan. 26, at a home on Owen near East Holland, Saginaw Fire Chief Chris Van Loo said.
    Elmwood Ave Fire
    01/26/15 - BFFA 3044
    Severe Weather Checklist
    01/26/15 - IAFF Local 902
    The Malden Fire Fighters and the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts, advises everyone to be safe and prepared for the upcoming severe weather
    Locate and Shovel Buried Hydrants
    01/26/15 - IAFF Local 902
    Every Second Counts Malden Fire Fighters are asking the public for help during this severe weather. Please take the time to locate and shovel out your nearest fire hydrant. Every second counts and having the hydrant already cleared of snow, will help the Malden Fire Fighters do their job quickly.
    2015 Legislative Conference
    01/26/15 - Professional Fire Fighters Of Alabama
    The PFFA 2015 Legislative Conference will be held April 13-15 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Montgomery. Information regarding conference and hotel registration will be mailed to each local in February. Please plan to have someone from your local attend.
    Blizzard 2015
    01/26/15 - Westport Fire Local1802
    Please keep generators outdoors and away from open doors and windows to prevent carbon monoxide from entering your home Keep exhuast vents clear Stay away from downed power lines 911 is for emergency use only, for general questions or inquiries call 508.636.1122 (police) or 508.636.
    Severe Weather Checklist
    01/25/15 - Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts
    With the forecast for severe weather, the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts offer our "Severe Weather Checklist" to help keep you and your family safe.
    Stop the Cell Towers going up at fire stations...
    01/25/15 - IAFF Local 1014
    Dear members, As you undoubtedly know, Motorola – a contractor for the Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System (LA-RICS) – is in the process of installing cell towers at 86 County fire and lifeguard facilities.
    Clarification on Political Activities by Members
    01/25/15 - IAFF Local 51
    Texas Local Government Code Chapter 150.  Miscellaneous Provisions Affecting Municipal Officers And Employees Subchapter A. Involvement of Fire Fighters And Police Officers In Political Activities §  150.002.
    Pulse Point
    01/25/15 - IAFF Local 4349
    PulsePoint App saves lives      It was nice and sunny the day Captain Greg Rainville and his wife decided to visit the San Diego Zoo.  As they pulled into the parking lot, they noticed a commotion over on the sidewalk.  As they approached, they saw a man unconscious on the ground.
    New Mailing Address
    01/25/15 - IAFF Local 3
    In order to better serve the public and our members, we have purchased a post office box for any mail correspondance.  Please note the new mailing address: IAFF Local 3 P.O. Box 758 Pueblo, CO 81002 Thank you.
    Health and Safety Section
    01/25/15 - CFFA
    Please visit our Health and Safety page to find some great training resources for around the station.  There is a lot of information to bre explored on that page.
    Commission Ignorance
    01/25/15 - IAFF Local 3169
    So our Commission wants to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a consulting fee to do the job that our Fire Chief has been telling them all along and then ignore the advice...AGAIN!  Wow! Am I really here??  I think I have just been teleported to the land of STUPIDITY!  Please read this Ocala Starbanner article. http://www.ocala.
    2015 AFD Shift Bid
    01/25/15 - Albuquerque Area Fire Fighters
    IAFF Local 244 has invested in the web-based program for the 2015 AFD Shift Bid. The in-shift bid is scheduled for February 2, 3 & 4. All members must log in on the website to participate in the bid. On the website click on the “Login” tab at the top, then fill out the fields under “Register New Account”.
    Emergency Checklist
    01/25/15 - IAFF Local 1478
    2015 Installation Event
    01/24/15 - IAFF Local 21
    The annual Local 21 Installation Party has changed locations from Ideal Hall to the newly remodeled Hillcrest Country Club located at 2200 Larpenter Ave East.
    Retirement Newsletter Dual Response
    01/24/15 - IAFF Local 2819
    This month’s Dual Response – the LEOFF II Board’s publication – highlights two issues that affect a portion of our membership.  Both of the issues are related to Social Security benefits.  Below is a synopsis of what is better explained in the newsletter.
    WSCFF Scholarship 2015
    01/24/15 - IAFF Local 2819
    To read the specifics, members need to login to the website. Applications are due February 28th.
    2015 Young Fire Fighter Conference
    01/24/15 - IAFF 7th District
    The 2015 Young Fire Fighter Conference will
    Mourning the Loss
    01/24/15 - Urbana Firefighters Local 1147
    It is with heavy hearts and deep sorrow that the Urbana Firefighters announce the death of Division Chief Russell Chism. Division Chief Chism was a 19-­?year Veteran with the Urbana Fire Department and also served as Fire Chief for the St. Joseph Stanton Fire Protection District. A celebration of his life will be at The Vineyard Church in Urbana, Illinois.
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